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Love of Life Begins at Home

The theme for the 2002 Holiday at Home parade was "There's No Place Like Home" and our float focused on the home and family and the significant stages and varieties of family life with it's slogan: "The Love of Life Begins at Home"

Following the float were enthusiastic walkers with t-shirts promoting the idea of celebrating life – at all its stages and in all its varieties.

Finally, Horton the Elephant tagged along to remind viewers that "A person's a person, no matter how small!"


Artist's sketch captures the idea of the foundational role of the family in creating respect for life.

Betty, who suggested the theme, poses in the staging area.
Newly wedded couple symbolize the sanctity of life.

Growing family personified the miracle of life.
Handicapped friends show respect for life.

Hundreds of chrysanthemums decorated the float
Our anniversary couple cherish life

Horton the elephant, dancing along gracefully behind the float,
reminded everyone that "A person's a person no matter how small".

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