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February 24, 2019, Letter to the Editor of The Dayton Daily News

February is “Black History Month” – a time we honor many black people: scientists, physicians, business leaders, military leaders, and many other black people who, with determination and character, have accomplished much, in spite of unfair and difficult circumstances, and have been an asset to mankind.

During the month, we emphasize the importance of black families – mothers, fathers, and especially our precious black children. Also, much is heard about black pride and the history of the struggle for freedom and full recognition of civil and human rights for black people.

Also, during this month, black mothers, many times accompanied by the fathers of their babies, other family members, or friends, are going into abortion centers to abort their babies. I have seen some black fathers fight for their babies and convince the mother not to abort. But, most of the time the father supports the Mom in her decision to murder their baby.

The Ohio Department of Health reports that 19,615 abortions were performed on Ohio residents in 2017 and of that total, 8,141 or 42% were black babies (ODH 2018 report). U.S. census estimates show that blacks comprised 12.9% of the Ohio population in 2017 (Census report). Since 1973, an estimated 18 million black babies have been aborted in the U.S. (Abortion & Race)

As someone who is frequently at the abortion center in my community offering help and positive alterntives to abortion-minded mothers, I have yet to see anyone from “Black Lives Matter” show up and plead with black mothers not to slaughter their babies in the womb or offer help to the mother if she chooses not to abort.

And there is a chilling, deafening silence from the black community, the black pastors, and groups like the NAACP that deal with issues in the black community. Do Black Lives Really Matter? Is this black pride? Is this honoring the black race?

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